Twins Carcam - 2 Camera GPS

Twins Carcam - 2 Camera GPS

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Sản phẩm đã dừng bán từ năm 2013 - Lý do hàng chợ, tỉ lệ lỗi rất cao. Từ năm 2014 đã chuyển sang làm hàng nhà máy EOM - Bảo hành 01 năm.





Maxwell X8000C Car Black Box GPS Dual Camera Dual Lens Car DVR Camcorder Black Box + Rotatable Lens + GPS Module + G-sensor 32G AV Outand Gravity Sensor


  • 140-degree wide-angle dual lens with night vision capability
  • External GPS function receives the GPS signals and records the "time", "date", "speed" and "GPS logs" at the same time
  • Built-in 3G-GSENSOR gravity can record the gravity sensitive information and make judgments according to the motion offsets
  • Supports to take videos automatically once the engine starts
  • Support video file recording switch functions

Package contents:
- X8000C Dual lens camera unit with 2" LCD display, mic and speakers, night vision IR LED version
- External GPS module
- Car charger
- Suction mount for windscreen
- Sticky pads
- TV line cable (for reviewing on TV)
- User manual (very poor translation from Chinese but it's quite easy to use!)

Features:- HD 1280x480 @ 30 fps
- Two lens which rotate 180 degrees
- Each lens has a wide 140 degree viewing angle
- 2" LCD screen for instant playback
- Built-in G-sensor with "event recording" lock function which prevents that portion of recording from being erased if it has detected a collision
- External GPS recording and playback of location with built in software
- Password protected recordings
- Seamless recording will overwrite the oldest events
- One key silent recording
- Anti-shake function
- Night vision LEDs to record at night (good for inside the car, other internal cameras just record pitch black at night)
- Supports micro SD only, up to 32GB (memory not included)
- AV out function

The "software" is automatically loaded onto your memory card when you format it. You run it directly on a Windows PC and can see all videos, sound, G-sensor and GPS location (overlays on map if connected to Internet). You can even export the secure video and associated data to common formats, such as AVI and make a copy for police/insurance companies etc.




 Add  : Số 245 Xã Đàn ( Kim Liên Mới ) - Hà Nội (09.1698.1968 - 04.66811508) Từ 8h00 - 21h30

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